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Spring Dolls/Plush

Stuffed Angora Ram Item: GDAQ41265
Wilmer Burlap Bunny Item: GTDA54205
Angora Bunny, 14" Item: GTDA74486MD
Small Angora Bunny Item: GTDA74486SM
*Dag the Bunny Item: GS20055
*Dill the Bunny Item: GS20065
Buzz the Bee Item: GS23050
Bumble the Bee Item: GS23051
Busby the Bee Item: GS23056
Fuzzy Bunny Boy Wand Item: GS24136
Carlo the Chicklet Item: GS24102
Chloe the Chicklet Item: GS24104
Felix the Fuzzy Bunny Item: GS24122
Wilber the Wabbit Item: GS24009
Abbie the Bunny Item: GS24068