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FloralDried Twig & Vine

Dried Twig & Vine

Add a country accent to wreaths, nests, archways and more with our selection of mossy vine, grapevine, honeysuckle, and dragon vine.

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Dried Date Berries Item: FISB51470
Mossy Vine Garland Item: FISB52560
*Bird Nest - 3" Item: FB320077
Primitive Twig Star Item: FISB10920
Dried Rose Hip Pick Item: FISB3593
Dried Rose Hip Wreath Item: FISB3596
Dried Lavender, 4 ounces Item: FLAVENDER
Primitive Grass Item: FPG
Rose Hips, 8 ounce Item: FROSE
Rose Hips - 10lb Box Item: FROSE10
Rusty Star & Pips Wreath Item: FISB81559