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Clover Pick, 14"

Clover Pick, 14"

Item: FTF80114
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The Clover Pick is a decorative greenery pick with a flexible, green-wrapped stem. The pick features green three-leaf clovers and white floral buds attached to thin, wiry stems. This pick makes a simple and charming accent to the home during the spring season, displayed inside of a bottle, jar, or vase, alone or paired with other florals and greenery. Measures 14” high.
  • UPC - 642668393669
  • Weight - 1.25 lbs.
  • Height - 13.00 in.
  • Width - 4.00 in.
  • Length - 4.00 in.
  • Country of Origin - China
  • 14" high
  • Flexible wrapped stem

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